Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Glade Fragrance Collection Coupon

Right at Home is offering a $2 off printable coupon for the Glade Fragrance Collection here

Free Regenerist Starter Kit!

Beginning at 12 PM on February 24th, the first 1,000 women to sign up will win a free Regenerist Starter Trio! .
Go here

Also on the above link there is an offer to get a $15 rebate when you purchase any three Olay facial moisturizers, treatments, cleansers, hand & body lotions, body washes or 6+ bar soap packs.  You can combine these with the coupons from the February P&G Brandsaver to get Free products when you buy Olay products.  

Thursday, February 18, 2010

New Printable Coupons from Coupon Bug 2/18

Coupon Bug has some great new printables out today- get 'em before they are gone!  $2.00 off 1 20 count or larger Excedrin! that could be useful at CVS or WAGS!  Also, $1.00 off Yoplait Smoothie, which happens to be on rollback at my local Walmart for $2.50! 

Hot 1.50 off 1 Kashi Coupon!

Go here to print $1.50 off 1 Kashi Heart to Heart Cereals or Crackers....brought to you by Vocalpoint.  Don't forget to hit the back buttonon your browser to print it twice!  If you have not read our views on Online Communities start here

Friday, February 12, 2010

Almost-Last-Minute Frugal Valentine's Day Ideas

Don't you love Better Homes and Gardens?  I signed up for the 100 Days of Holidays last year ans this year and received a daily email starting in September and going through to New Year's with cooling, decorating, crafting, and other tips to make the Holidays more enjoyable and sentimental.  Now, BHG is including Superbowl, Valentine's Day, St. Patrick's Day, Easter, etc!  Today I received some great inexpensive ways to express your love for Valentine's Day.  The one pictured above is to write the reasons you love someone on apiece paper and put it in the jar for them to read as they want to.  Go here  to see all 30.  Not all of them are frugal,but I am sure we can all get paper and some type of jar at the Dollar Store.  Another favorite idea was to buy a calendar and write reasons you love them in the squares.  So, now you have no excuse, can make Valentine's Day even more meaningful. 

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Are these the most Frugal Valentines Ever?

Probably not, but I think they're the cutest!! I stole the idea from 24-7-365 here.  I had a 15 minute photo shoot with the kids, created the Valentine background with my photo software (which is not necessary, the pics are cute by themselves), uploaded them to Wal-Mart one hour and spent about 45 minutes or so poking the pops through the pics (after making a little slit with scissors). I did spend about $12 between the 1-hour photos and the lollipops but I think the end result was priceless!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Free 6 Month Magazine Subscription

Lori at Moms By Heart  has the scoop on how to get this subscription here. 

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Thrifty Valentines Day Decor


Who needs a mantle?  
Not me! I love getting creative around the house, I have really had this calling lately to make our house our home.   We have lived here for a little over 5 years, and have done some work: new siding, made two small rooms int a larger living room, and the small living room into a comfortable dining room, put up a fence, and ...that is it actually.  We have not done any real decorating, or any fun decorating.  My mindset was always that a pretty basket or bowl would not make a difference on a gold speckled counter top-I am not exaggerating  thrifties.  Gold. Speckles.

This is totally the wrong mindset.  We should create a haven for our families where ever we live.  Our homes are our "bedrooms" in the world.  We need to feel safe, comfortable, and esthetically pleased with our homes.  In the spirit of that, and appreciating the little things in life, I did some decorating for Valentines day today!  Let me run it down for you.  The two apothecary jars were purchased at Michaels with the weekly 40% off coupons, making them about $8 or $10 each. I use them for every season, at Christmas they had ornaments and glitter snow in them.  For Easter they will be showcasing moss bunnies on a stick (so cute) and speckled eggs.  Note: speckled eggs in home decor are good; speckled counter top not so much.

I used Extra Bucks and Register Rewards to buy cinnamon hearts and conversation hearts as filler at 99 cents a bag.  The frosted take out counters came from the Target one spot a few years ago, as well as the heart doilies and the ribbon I used to make them into a garland.  The candle holders inside the jars are items I have had for a few years, as well as the Fairy with the flower.  The rose photos were gift I had given to my grandmother and my mother told me to take them home after she passed away.  They went from her apartment to her room at the nursing home.   My husband gave me the pink jar candle for Christmas, and I took off the label and added some of the ribbon I bought at the Target One Spot, and it is sitting on top of its lid for additional height.  

This is on top of the microwave.  The three tier server is Pampered Chef ( I wasn't always frugal you know) and I took the white bowls out and put in these little striped basket from the Target One Spot.  I did not spend fifty dollars at the One Spot, these items have been purchased over the past two to three years and stored away.  Yup, I am one of thoseIt is okay, I know you won't judge.  The candle holder  was a wedding shower gift 11 years ago! The bucket and flowers I have had for about 5 years.  (I love tucking those hydrangeas into my Christmas tree!)

I think there is a second point emerging here.  There are so many decorations that can be used for multiple holidays or multiple decorating purposes.  This year when I packed Christmas away I had a few containers of generic decorations candle holders, ribbon, grapevine wreaths, etc that can be easily changed out for the seasons.  There is no need to suffer because we don't have granite counters, or a dozen roses.  Get creative and stay frugal, and you'll find more than just an esthetically pleasing home, you'll find some self confidence and satisfaction from your creativity. 


Friday, February 5, 2010

Michael's Valentine Workshops Feb 9th & 13th

Michael's stores will be holding valentine's craft workshops on February 9th and 13th.  You will need to purchase the bag (shown on top) for 79 cents and the wood heart frame for $1.00, Michael's will provide the supplies to decorate with.  Get all the details  here.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Getting Coupon Deals on Facebook

I keep seeing these really great high dollar value coupons for being a fan of these manufacturers or their specific products on Facebook. Interesting. I really don't like to do this for some reason. Maybe I don't want all my friends to think I am some crazy coupon who lady who will be any body's slave for a good coupon. Or so cheap I will clog my wall with advertisements just for a free bag or Oreos....YEAH RIGHT!

I decided that an alternative for anyone else like me (crazy, paranoid, eating chocolate frosting with a spoon...) is to create a second Facebook account and link it to my separate couponing email account. That way if I do have any notifications they won't be clogging up my inbox... keeping from eating my chocolate frosting.

Anyway, I am seeing all over blogland that tomorrow you can get a coupon for B1G1 Free eggs for becoming a fan of the Incredible Edible Egg Facebook Group. They are being given away to the first 30,000 people who become a fan tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!

Join the Facebook group here

Did You Miss Us?

I cannot believe it has been 3 months since anything has been posted here! The past few months have been so crazy! Right after Thanksgiving I had a minor car accident but a painful case of whiplash (I am soooooooooooo much better now), and then I was in rush for Christmas since I couldn't shop until the week before, New Year's came and went, and hubby has a new job!

The job has turned out to be quite a blessing, with a much larger salary (no small feat in this economy) and I have been toying with the idea of going back to school. I have put that on the back burner until at least Fall, so that we can take advantage of the extra income and really push that snowflake into a debt snowball! I also have a lot of home improvement projects I want to accomplish. This year I am cutting back on the outside world and putting the focus on our home that has been seriously neglected for the past two years. When I say home I mean, life, marriage, and our house as the sanctuary it is meant to be. Right now I still plan to continue to blog.

What will you see from Shopping Without Money in 2010? Maybe a name change and a redesign? Definitely more posts about life in general to go along with great deals and better coupons, and before and after pics of inexpensive home improvement projects!

This year I am focusing on really healthy eating- fresh fruit and vegetables, little to no meat, and the least amount of processed food as possible. I will no longer consider the 100 Calorie Pack a "healthy snack." I will still report the great coupon deals to you, so you can shop away without your money. I personally will be using my coupons on personal products and cleaning products (I already use a lot of natural cleaning products). So I guess that means we should have tons of coupon giveaways right???? Okay not tons, that will be expensive on the postage, and this is a blog about saving money- so maybe just a whole bunch! Shake your head yes so I know you are excited :)

In another weeks my husband's new and improved paycheck will be arriving and we'll be having another Dave Ramsey style Budget Meeting to makeover our spending, debt snowball, and other goals. See, you can be thrifty and have makeovers too!

Ok, talk to you soon my thrifty little loves....................frugal dreams!