Thursday, November 27, 2008

CVS Free Black Friday Items

Even if you are starting with zero ECB's, you can get some great deals with the following list of free after ECB's. First, I'm going to post the list of items from the flier with their limits, and below them you can see where to find the coupons to make these deals even better. Then I'm going to post some simple transactions where you can get lots of stuff for very little cash.

FREE after ECB Deals ~

Colgate Total Advanced, Clean, Advanced Fresh or Whitening $2.99 (Limit 2)
$1.50 off any Colgate Total Toothpaste Printable
Colgate Total Advanced Whitening, Advanced Clean or Advanced Fresh, any 4 oz.+ $1 (12-6-08) SS 11/16/08 $1 off Colgate Total or Max Fresh Toothpaste(excludes Trial) CRT

Aussie $2.99 (Limit 2)
Aussie Product, any except trial size $1 (11-30-08) P & G

Johnson's Soft Lotion $5.69 (Limit 1)
$1/1 Printable HERE $1/1 from the 11/2 RP $1/1 Home Mailers
Hand or Body Lotion or Body Wash, Any $1 CRT

Gatorade G2 20oz $1.49 (Limit 3)
Gatorade G2 from Beauty Book $1 off 2 12/31/08

Hershey's King Size Bars $1.00 (Limit 1)
Hersheys Bar, 1.45 oz - 1.55 oz
B1G1F up to .79 (11-30-08) SS 9/28/08Hersheys Milk Chocolate Bar, w/ Almonds, or Special Dark B1G1F up to .79 (2-28-09) SS 11/9/08

Bic Soliel $5.99 (Limit 2)

Bic Soleil System Razor, any $3 (12-14-08) SS 11/2/08 $2 on any Razor Purchase of $10 or more CRT

Garnier Nutritioniste cleansing towelettes(25 ct.) $5.99 (Limit 1)
Garnier Nutritioniste Cleanser or Moisturizer, any $1 (11-30-08) V 8/24/08
Garnier Nutritioniste Cleanser or Moisturizer, any $1 (12-31-08) V 9/14/08
Garnier Nutritoniste Cleanser or Moisturizer, any $1 (2-28-09) V 11/9/08

Maybelline Foundation $8.99 (Limit 2) - Recycled from 11/23 ad
$3 Maybelline Foundation RP 10/26, Exp 1/26/09
$2 off Maybelline FOUNDATION off any ONE , RP 9/21/08, EXP 12/31

5 hr Energy 2pk $3.99 (Limit 1)

Magnovox Remote or Phillilps Headphones $6.99 (Limit 2)

L'Oreal lipgloss $6.99 (Limit 2)
L'Oreal Lipcolour, any $1 (1-25-09) V 11/2/08
$1/1 Printable HERE (Register and go through a survey to get the coupon)

Sally Hansen Max Growth $3.79 (Limit 1)
Sally Hansen nail color, any $0.50 (11-17-08) SS 8/17/08 *expired* Sally Hansen or La Cross product, any $2 tearpad CVS coupon Sally Hansen Nail Color or Nail Treatment, $3 on 2, Beauty book 12/31/08

Covergirl Smoothers Foundation $7.99 (Limit 1)
Cover Girl Product, any $1 (11-30-08) P & G 10/12/08
Cover Girl Product, any $1 (11-30-08) P & G 11/2/08

Covergirl Smoothers Powder $5.99 (Limit 1)
Cover Girl Product, any $1 (11-30-08) P & G 10/12/08
Cover Girl Product, any $1 (11-30-08) P & G 11/2/08

Other ECB Deals

Schick Quattro Razor or Trimmer $7.99 Earn 6 ECBs Limit 1
$2/1 Printable HERE
$4/1 in the December All You Mag FREE + overage after either coupon!

Playtex Gentle Glide Tampons $3.99 Earn 3 ECBs Limit 1 $1/1 from the 10/5 FREE + .01 overage after coupon and ECBs!
(Thanks Denise at for compiling this list).

Okay, now what to do with all of this information? Sort it into transactions that maximize your purchase and keep your out-of-pocket $$ low....So here's a scenario that the typical CVS "newbie" could try out between Thanksgiving Day and Saturday (yes this is a 3-day sale). So What's the, So what's the scenario yo ( a little 90's music humor for
Okay, the "Grand Plan" (thanks to Southern Savers at has been created for you to start with no ECB's and still end up with a great deal. You'll need about $5 to cover your costs and you'll get $120 worth of product and several ECB's back. If you do have $15 ECB’s remaining from last weeks Duracell deal, you can add transaction #2 and #3 together (remove the .50 cent filler item) and pay with the $15 ECB from last week.

Buy:(2) Colgate Total Advanced
Use:-$1 off CVS coupon(1) -$1.50 off printable (technically states one per household)(1) -$1 off SS 11/16
Total Due: $2.48 cash
Get Back: $5.98 ECB

Buy:(1) Johnson’s Soft Lotion $5.69, (1) Aussie Product, (1) .50 cent filler item.
Use:-$1 off Johnsons-$1 off Aussie
Total Due: $6.18, pay with $5.98 from #1 and .20 cents.
Get Back: $8.68 ECB ($5.69, $2.99)

Buy:(2) Bic Soliel Razors
(3) Gatorade G2
(2) Hershey’s
Use (1) -$2 off $10 in razors CVS coupon(1) B1G1 Hershey’s(2) -$3 off Bic Soliel
Total Due: $9.45, pay with $8.68 ECB from #2 and .77 cents
Get Back: $17.45 ECB ($4.47, $11.98, $1)

Buy(1) Garnier Towelettes(2) Maybelline Foundations (if you did not buy them earlier in the week)
(1) Cover Girl Powder
Use:-$4 off $20 in Cosmetics CVS coupon-$1 off Garnier(2) - $3 off Maybelline-$1 off Covergirl
Total Due: $17.96, pay with $17.45 from #3 and .51 cents
Get Back: $29.96 ECB ($5.99, $17.98, $5.99)

Buy(1) Energy 2pk
(2) Magnovox or Phillips items
(2) L’Oreal Lip Gloss
Use:(2) -$1 off Lip Gloss
Total Due: $29.95,
Use $26.96 ECB from #4 (ask to downgrade by one penny)
Get Back: $31.95 ECB ($3.99, $13.98, $13.98)

Buy(1) Sally Hansen Max Growth
(1) Cover Girl Foundation
(1) Schick Quattro
(1) Playtex
(1) -$1 filler item (at least.71¢)
Use:-.50/1 Sally Hansen-$1 off Cover Girl-$4 off Schick-$1 off Playtex
Total Due: $18.26 pay with $3.99 and $13.98 ECB from #5 and .29 cents
Get Back: $20.78 ECB ($3.79, $7.99, $6, $3)

You still have one Aussie Product left that you can buy.

Total value of products: $120.28
Total spent out of pocket: $4.25
Extra Care Bucks Remaining: $34.

If you don't have all of the exact Q's, don't wig. You can still do very well with these transactions. Some of us put everything in our cart at once and ask the cashier if we can multiple transactions (if there's lots people waiting it's always nice to do a transaction, then go to the end of the line while you get your next one ready). Once you start rolling your ecb's into bigger ecb's, you'll be able to go to CVS making only 1 or 2 transactions. And don't worry, most everyone who works at CVS has been through this before so they know the routine. Just try being polite and friendly with them and don't let the grouchy ones get you down! Please post your comments if you try this over the next 3 days and share your success story! Include your out-of-pocket, how much stuff you got and how many ecb's you came away with. We'll be including ours as well. All those who participate in our very first challenge will be entered into our very 1st giveaway to be anounced in December. Happy Shopping!

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