Friday, November 28, 2008

Online Communities – Part 1

Let’s get started! I hope you are excited to save money and make money. There are many tools we use other than shopping for the best deals to save money. This is not your Grandmother’s couponing method! We belong to a series of online communities that offer us deals and a forum to tell manufacturer’s what we really need in our lives. The first step I recommend is to set up a free email account like yahoo or g-mail to receive mail from these groups. Some of these create spam, most do not. It depends on your preference. I highly recommend setting up a separate account.

Let’s get started!

The first group that we love is VocalPoint. What is VocalPoint? It is a forum for members full of activities that gives you free products, and high value coupons. Most times it takes less than five minutes for me to complete an activity. For example a few months back I completed a 6 question survey about breakfast cereal and received five $1 off coupons and one $2 dollar off coupon for Kashi cereal in the mail. We’ll show you how to use those coupons to get free/really cheap cereal by combining them with store deals throughout the blog.

In the past 60 days I have received a free Venus Embrace Razor, and coupons for Tuna. Only days after I received that razor mine broke, and since there were no spectacular deals, I had myself a free razor! That saved me at least $9.99.!

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