Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Celebrate All Month Long ~ Part 2

I hope you've already jotted a few fun events that I recently blogged about on your family's calendar. Here are some more fun ideas to keep everyone looking forward to Christmas. Today, let's focus on books, movies and music!

Christmas Books

First, go through your children's bookshelves and pull out every Holiday book you can find. If you don't have a lot of Christmas books in your stash, make a quick trip to your local library and check some out. Chances are it can be a really quick trip because the children's librarian has probably already set a bunch out for display on top of the bookcases. Grab a few that look interesting. While you're there, check out the Christmas dvd's, too. Libraries lend movies for free, provided that you return them on time - we get to keep ours for 1 week (our library charges $1 per day that your video is late!).

Christmas Movies
Now, go home and pull out Christmas videos or browse through the TV guide and mark on your calendar the nights that Christmas specials will be airing.

Another option - Lend and borrow holiday books and videos with your friends. If your kids are bored with their stash, someone else's might provide hours of fun and vice versa! Keep your pile of books and videos handy so that you can quickly grab one or the other for a quick, little holiday treat. Most of us read with our kids almost every night anyway, so this activity shouldn't bring on any holiday stress.

Our favorite holiday movies - ALL!! Seriously, my kids are so into Christmas that they enjoy watching anything that has to do with the holiday - including the Christmas Coca-Cola commercials that feature Santa and lit-up trucks! They do love all the Christmas classics (Santa Claus is coming to Town, Rudolph, etc.), the Grinch and Charlie Brown Christmas.

Our favorite holiday books - Again, pretty much ALL!

Christmas Music

Pull out your favorite Christmas cd's. Or play local radio station 98.3fm for 24-hour Christmas music. Just take 30 minutes of playing a little holiday music and dancing with your kids. We have recently been exposed to YouTube (thanks to Mommy finally getting a laptop) and the kids are amazed at what we can find. We love finding our favorite songs from Christmas movies ("You're a Mean One, Mr. Grinch) and watching them and singing along.

Now, what are your favorite holiday books, movies and music? I'd love to hear about yours and any traditions that you might incorporate them into!

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