Sunday, June 20, 2010

Quick, Thrifty Flag Day/4th of July Craft

A couple of weeks ago I went to the Dollar Store with the kids. I like to be creative and what I really like to do is COPY OTHER CREATIVE PEOPLE'S IDEAS. So, it was quite unusual that an idea would strike me for my own Dollar Store Craft as I was walking around the store. All in All, my craft project cost $6.
First I purchased a wreath form for $1. Then I spotted 3-packs of leis in red, white and blue for just a buck. I practiced wrapping the leis around the wreath form right in the store to see how they would look.

I was trying to decide cheesy or crafty and tested it out on a store clerk who said she was crafty and she seemed to like it. I thought it still needed something. I guess an entire winter of reading crafty decorating blogs somehow embedded themselves in my head because then I saw this:

And knew that I needed it! Plus, it already had a little hole cut in the top and a tied ribbon looped through. I just untied it and tied it onto the wreath. I wrapped 9 leis around the wreath form and stuck the little straw things between the flowers right in between the wreath "spokes." I didn't even use any hot glue. If it starts to fall apart I will grab my hot glue gun and adhere it more firmly but small child was running around the living room and it wasn't worth my sanity to pull out the hot glue gun tonight. So, $6 and about 15 minutes of my time. I think it looks cute.
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  1. Thanks Heather! I've been on a blogging break but lurking on lots of blogs this winter and yours has been one of them! Love it!

  2. What a great idea! You are so creative! It turned out wonderful!! :)

    And thanks for stopping by, too!