Wednesday, February 9, 2011

If you can't save more, you can Earn More....

As I mentioned in my previous post I am not enthusiastic about the deals lately.  I have been working consciously to earn more money instead.  I have been focused on a few different methods but one in particular is Swagbucks.  I currently estimate I am earning about 25 to 30 Swagbucks each day.  This is without actively chasing down the special codes that are given out.  Here is a breakdown of my earnings:

Download Toolbar: 1
Daily Polls: 1
Search & Win:  11 to 20
Swagbucks TV: 5
Surveys/Miscellaneous Points: 10
28 to 38
x 30
840 to 1140

Last month I was able to cash in 2 $5.00 gift cards and those were eligible to be redeemed this week.   I currently have $15 in gift cards on the site,and I spent $13.00 last week.  It was really nice to know I could purchase something I wanted with no money!  I've already been looking around the site for a wish list of things I need, maybe want as well.  I would really like some new chef pants for school, and am trying to plan in advance for the upcoming birthday season in our lives.  Birthdays around here start in Spring and end  around Fall.   Penny at The Saved Quarter posted about a $100 Holiday Challenge this year and they are making these rewards part of that.  I like that idea as well.  You can shop as you earn or stockpile the rewards until fall. 

One thing about redeeming Swagbucks:  You can only redeem points for 5 of the same gift per month.  As you can calculate you are not going to get rich but you can make a great dent in your budget.  The Amazon cards are the lowest amount of points you can redeem,so more bang for your buck.  The next best one was a $5 Paypal credit for $750.00. 

I am going to be writing some more posts about earning and how I keep track of what I am earning, and what is due to me...Happy Earning!

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