Wednesday, March 10, 2010

March Madness - Couch Cushion Money

Nothing sold on ebay...nothing.  I'm not gong to let that stop me.  March is a long month and I  have plenty more garbage previously loved items to get rid of.   I have been very busy at this challenge and am working hard on a few different things, but they take a little longer than usual. 

I have been cleaning like a Mad Woman and I had to stop because we had so much paper, etc in the recycling bin the top wouldn't shut.  It feels so GOOD!  Did you ever notice that when you have a clean house it doesn't bother you anymore when you have gold flecked laminate counter tops instead of dreamy granite?  Nope, me either.    What I have realized a week into challenging myself is that coupons are a smaller piece of the pie for me now.  I am busy, so are you, and we can't chase deals and clip the coupons constantly.  Sometimes it feels like a chore-matching up all those deals and pulling those coupons, going from store to store. It was feeling like a chore instead of a game-what am I, like 5?   I started to catch up with some of my favorite blogs looking for inspiration.   I found  things that really resonated with me.  I needed to keep my home in order, and I needed to have better control over my finances.

So,  I am creating a Home Management Binder and starting Once A Month Cooking.  I will create separate posts to show you how I did it, and why, with links to the bloggers who brought these ideas back to life for me. (Oh, you thought I was this fabulous on my own?)

Here is one simple idea you can do today : I recently read in a magazine that most households have at least $100.00 in "couch cushion money." as I have been going around the house this week I am keeping my eyes out for extra coin.  I have been putting them all in a jar and am going to count them this week after I clean  the cup holder from my husband's car.  I collected almost $5 so far in my own cup holder and wallet!   I hope I get to $100!  I am currently on credit card 3 of 5 in my debt snowball, and would love to get this one paid off-and be more than halfway through the stack- I could use the motivation from that accomplishment.  The card has under $200.00 dollars left, and whatever I find is going toward the card,so that I can stretch my snowball that much farther into card # 4. 

Good Luck finding  your "couch cushion money" 


  1. Yay for March (cleaning) Madness! Good job and hang in there on the credit cards. We are totally debt free for almost 8 years and what a release!! You go girl.

  2. My shop without money sister does not realize we are both so on the same wavelength right now, doing the same things...working down our debt, spending less time coupon clipping and more time making our houses home, etc. etc. I am right there with ya' sister. I will be posting soon about how I'm making some money from home by selling kid items at local consignment sale. Shopping starts tomorrow and I can't wait to get some bargains!
    the Other Shop Without Money Sister