Wednesday, May 13, 2009

33 cents for Wheat Thins and Ritz!

Check out Hip2Save here for an early coupon preview of Sunday's paper.

Update: Okay that was me getting excited and trying to use 3 coupons! It would be $1.66 for the Ritz and Wheat Thins together which makes them 80 cents each. You could also get the smaller boxes that are $2.04 and get them for $1.04 which would be 52 cents each. Still a very good deal.
Most notable coupon for me: Buy Ritz Crackers, Get Wheat Thins for Free (up to $3.49). Right now Ritz and Wheat Thins are on sale for $2.66 at Target. Use your $1/Ritz Kraft coupon stacked with your $1/Ritz Target Coupon to get your Ritz for 66cents. And get a free box of Wheat Thins (these boxes are both family-size!). Just 33 cents each!! I'm going to save the rest of my Ritz the way, need more Ritz coupons? Or any of the Kraft coupons. Money Saving Mom has compiled a list of store sites that you can print many of the Kraft coupons from again! I checked out the first 2 so far and have been able to print more of the ones the Kraft site and told me my limit was reached!! Go here to see Money Saving Mom's list with links!! I'm so excited about all the summer snacks I'll be stocking up on at Target!

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  1. Hi there, I used 3 coupons, The Target $1 off ritz, Manuf. $1.00 off ritz and the buy the ritz and get the wheat thins for free, My total cost, .75 I was pretty happy about that one. I am fairly new to the couponing but have done pretty well! Thanks for all your help on your blog for a newbie like me!
    Hugs, Dannette