Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Front Door Redo for $120.00!!!

See what I have been working on while I was neglecting you? I don't have a before picture because I do not plan ahead like that. It was a beautiful wood door, but the cold weather this past winter put a huge crack in it :( I filled it with wood putty and sanded it down. It never quite looked right to me, and I have been craving-yes I said craving - a black door 4ever! So, my doubtful husband went to Lowe's with me and we picked out some paint, primer, and after an unfortunate experience trying to spray paint the old lock set, a new set. All in all I spent about $120.00 on this and I love the way it looks. I had originally thought I spent almost $250, but I found my receipts and added it all up.

I was really feeling badly, looking at that line where I had puttied and sanded. Small home repair and basic cleaning keeps your home from looking shabby; it also helps keep you from getting tired of things and spending a ton of money on remodeling. A small change makes a big difference in your heart!

For more low cost decorating projects visit Sara at Thrifty Decor Chick.

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