Sunday, January 11, 2009

2009 Health Resolutions

Andrea @ MommySnacks has a weekly post called Fat Burnin' Friday. Since I have been on my own weight loss journey for about a year now, I have decided to link up to her posts, post my progress, and keep myself a little more accountable. This will be helpful to me and you since it will keep me accountable, and show you that using coupons and getting Freebies can work into eatng well and losing weight/being healthy. Coupons are not just for potato chips and ice cream!

So, to start I am going to post my goals for 2009. As most of you know I ahve been working with a trainer for the last year, and it has been the best thing I ever did for myself! I will continue to workwith him this year and these are my plans:

1) Workout 6 days per week
2) Beat my time for the Family Day 5k from last year- it was something like 45 minutes!!!
3) Increase my total weight loss for the year to 60 pounds

My plan is to bring you a weekly Health check-up letting you know how I did and where I went wrong. I also will bring you some of the Money Saving Tools I use that link up myhealth resolutions to fit in with my Money Saving Resolutions. If you are up for the challenge of joining me leave your comments here!!!


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