Monday, January 5, 2009

Beginning with Basic Financial Principles

Long Ago, before I began couponing we were living paycheck to paycheck. It was not enough for me to get serious about our finances until we bought a home, and it was very difficult to get that home, and to pay for it after was even worse. I began to practice money saving strategies I had learned previously but had put in the back of my mind. Although that was helpful, and it kept me from scrimping by and limping along, I knew there had to be a better way, a way for these changes to affect us in the long run. One day a friend of mine was reading MSN money and I was intrigued, or should I say hooked! I began to practice as much as I could absorb, and had actual GOALS of where I wanted to be. I started saving money, and my attitude began to change. Now, I have been combining these principles with the new money saving methods I am practicing now and I feel great about the direction of my financial future. I get frustrated like everyone else, but reading the blogs, and blogging great deals for you helps keep me motivated, like a pep talk for the financial soul.

Here are my Favorite articles from MSN money:

The Emergency Fund You Can Eat here -this is reinforcement on Heather's post on Couponing and Stockpiling

Why You Need $500 in the Bank - Here- a great way to start your Emergency Fund by taking a small step - from personal experience this $500 has saved me from financial disaster many times

Smart Spending Money Blog Here

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