Thursday, January 15, 2009

Target 75% off Toys in some stores!

Tonight I was alerted by my MOM to the Target Toy clearance prices in our area. I knew that Target had been marking down toys but had heard it was only at 30%. My mom called to tell me it was at 75% in Clifton Park, NY. I bundled up the kids (it was about a balmy 6 degrees when we went) and ran to Saratoga/Wilton Target. I was so excited to run out and get there that I let Ella wear her underwear on an outing instead of changing her to a pull-up. I didn't have time! So on we march to Target. We go directly to the Toy Aisle. All along the back wall are toys with multiple signs showing 50% off. I am vastly disappointed. But I'm here, and it's darn cold out so I might as well look. Maybe some toys will be good at 50% I go over to the first toy that catches my eye and it's bright orange sale sticker is showing what looks to be like 75% off! Many, many of the toys were 75% off though there wasn't a sign anywhere indicating it! There was still lots of stuff in my store - here are some items that I bought today with toys I have in mind specifically for upcoming kid birthdays. I spent $46 on 8 toys!
Note: If you have a child whose birthday we are attending, Don't Peek!
2 2-pack High School Musical Dolls (Troy & Gabrielle and Sharpay & Ryan)
originally $22.99/75% off price = $5.74 each
Thomas Learn & Explore Laptop
originally $24.99/75% off price = $6.24
Fisher Price Speed & Go Spiral Raceway (Speedracer version)
Originally $19.99/75% off price = $4.98
2 Vtech Write & Learn Smartboard
originally $24.99/ 75% off price = $6.24
Batman Shake & Go Batwing (kind of like a nerfgun for batman)
originally $19.99/75% off price $4.98
Bat Bunkers expandable playset (Joey got a firetruck version of this thing for Christmas and he loves it)
originally $12.99/ 75% off price $3.24
Total with tax came to $46.44. I paid $46.88 for 8 birthday gifts this year. I can already say what a huge savings that will be for me because I'm usually running around on the way to the birthday party, never finding anything on sale (unless the birthday falls around Christmas) and spend $20-$25 on child birthday gifts. Not that I think that the children aren't worth that much, it's that my budget really takes a beating with all of the parties we get invited too. So...if you have money left after Christmas, RUN don't WALK to Target and stock up your gift closet!

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