Monday, January 5, 2009

$250 Budget for 1 month!

Okay, this month I will attempt to feed the family for $250 maximum grocery budget (seeing as my electric bill was $600 today, it would really help if I could do this!). My $250 grocery budget will include food, health & beauty items(shampoo, pull-ups) and household goods like toilet paper and cleaning products. I will not count items like the new doorknob that cost $10 at Walmart. Since I have been stockpiling many items for just pennies over the last several months, I really don't need to purchase much in the way of health and beauty (but I'm down to my last 2 rolls of tp) and can devote most of my cash to food. This $250 is an out-of-pocket cost. In other words, if I go shopping at CVS and use $20 Extra bucks (ECB's) toward my purchase and I have to spend $2.50 out of my pocket, only $2.50 will count as money spent from my grocery budget. I'm going to be as resourceful as possible and show you all the ways you can use coupons, ecb's, Walgreen's register rewards and rebates toward lowering your shopping bill. If I do use something that will gain me a rebate later, I will count the cash as cash spent from my budget. Oh and meal planning will be key!

On December 28th, I made a trip to Walmart for groceries and spent $98 on grocery items. (I'm going to count that toward January food).
I made 2 trips to CVS this week and spent 97 cents and $0 oop (out of pocket).
I made one trip to KMart and spent $22.00
I made one trip to Price Chopper and spent $11.38.
My purchase above from CVS was quite exciting. I actually made money at CVS this week.
Pictured above are:
3 boxes of CVS brand Cheez-Its ($1.97 each)
6 boxes of Sore Throat cooler pops ($4.99 each)
8 bottles of vitamins (various prices $4.99-5.99)
5 bottles of Right Guard Professional Strength (gave one away) ($6 each)
3 cans of clearance skintimate shave gel ($1.50 each)
2 tubes of blistex (99 cents each)
Not a bad haul for 97 cents, huh?
Did you get a great deal at CVS this week? Leave a comment and let us know!

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