Saturday, January 17, 2009

Great Coupon Tips

I picked up some great coupon tips perusing "the blogs" as we like to call them. Specifically, Erin at jane4girls mentioned hitting the beer and chip aisles around the holidays and special events like Superbowl where you can find great q's for discounts on chips, dips, beer (hey, my hub used a mir for his beer that he bought this summer and got $4 back), pepperoni & crackers. We scouted at Super KMart today and found some cool q's near soda & chip pyramid they have toward the front of the store -
1 coupon - Save $2 on any one frito-lay dip(includes salsa and queso0 when you buy any 2 bags of frito-lay snacks (tortilla and potato chips were shown).
1 coupon - Free Dip when you buy 2 bags of Tostitoas chips (excludes queso dips)
Then there were these cute little Superbowl themed-recipe books with $5 in savings on the last page which were 5 q's:
Save $1 when you buy a 12-pack of coke zero or any other coke product (sweet deal with CVS coke sales for ecb's)
Save $1 on any 2 plantars products
Save $1 wyb any 2 Wheat Thins, Triscuits or Ritz crackers
Save $1 on 1 Velveeta 1 lb and 2 cans of ro'tel
Save $1 on 2 kraft, cracker barrel or polly-o product ( shredded, chunk, cube, string cheese, etc.)

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