Saturday, January 17, 2009

Super K-Mart Doubles Trip

Ok, so Steph and I hit Super K today for the Doubles! Good news if you're near the Queensbury, NY store - their sale runs from Wednesday - Tuesday so if you haven't made it up there yet, you still have time! However, this is where I blew my monthly grocery budget today because I don't get up there often and they had some deals I didn't want to miss. I guess I could have lived without MOST of the stuff, but it was stuff we use a lot of.
Here's what I purchased:
8 bags of Kmart brand (Our Family) shredded cheese (4 mozzarella and 4 Colby and Monterey Jack) at $3.29 B1G1 = $1.64 per bag (lowest price compared to local Price Chopper, Hannaford, and Wal-Mart though this was a sale so I felt justified in stocking up.
2 3-packs for $2.29 - $.45 cent q doubled = $1.39. (plan to make my own pizza dough)
1 Tylenol caplets $4.79 - $2 q doubled = $$.79
2 French's spicy brown mustard - $1.79 - $1 q doubled = $.79 each
3 Welch's sqeezable red raspberry jam @ $2.99 - $1 q doubled = $1.00 each
2 Bisquick @ $3.00 each - $1 q doubled = $1 each
1 box of Kellogs Special K w/ berries = $2.50 - $1 q doubled = $.50 box
8 Progresso Broth (4 chicken, 4 beef) @ $2.79 - $1 q doubled = $.79 each (I use this constantly and Walmart just raised their prices!)
1 package of Chips Ahoy cookies @ $3.00 each - NO Coupon because I couldn't find it. I totally blame myself for this one and just had to suck that cost up because I didn't want to tell the cashier I no longer wanted them after she just so nicely scanned my millions of coupons! Also, Ella (the choco-holic) already saw them in the cart and was told she could have some after dinner. I couldn't bear the meltdown that would occur from this and it was my fault, not the store's, so I bought them. Unfortunately I also have baking to do this week!
1 gallon Sunny Delight @ $3.00 (it's a serious addiction for my children though I have been weaning them to less - they have been drinking a lot more water lately!
2& 1/2 pounds of yellow bananas - $1.68
1.8 pounds of grapes @ $1.99 lb (this is a good price around here!) = $3.54
Loaf of french bread for $1.50
1 pack of pull-ups
Grand Total = $46.12
All in all 32 items for $46 items isn't a personal best for me but it's not so bad. I was able to stock up jam, bisquick, broth, mustard and shredded cheese which we use to make quesadillas, homemade pizza (it's just so expensive to order one anymore), macaroni and cheese, lots of things! 8 bags will probably take us through March so I was using some of this month's grocery budget toward next month's meals. Since next month is a slightly shorter month, maybe I can work out to reduce next month's budget by whatever I spent this month. I guess I better stretch everything I have and then try to do my meal planning for next month right at the beginning of the month. And here's a secret "thing" about me - I'm not a big fan of meat on the bone so I tend to get the more expensive cuts of chicken, beef, ground beef, pork chops, spare ribs - all of that I buy boneless and in the less fat version. Any suggestions on how to trim down the pricing on that besides stocking up on each item when it rotates through the sale system? Thanks! I'd appreciate your coments!

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