Monday, January 5, 2009

CVS Blizzard Trip!

Here's a trip I took to CVS on December 21st. I thought I would use it to inspire you to get on board with CVS-ing (another word you probably didn't know was a verb!) and ECB's. So I braved the tremendous snowstorm that was going on and dragged my kids to CVS after getting all of my deals together. The shelves were still cleared of many free after ECB items but I got scored some great deals and with all of the $10/$50 crt's that keep printing out on my receipts, I got some free items that I needed to finish my holiday baking!

Here's what I scored on this trip:

1 pack of Halls cough drops

2 L'oreal metallic eye shadows

1 Alteril sleep medication (not strong enough for me!!)

1 8-pack of Zantac 150 (in case Jamie comes over)

5 bottles of Listerine

1 Excedrine gel caps (20 count)

1 EAS Advantage snack bar

4 cans Planters Mixed Nuts

1 bag Rold Gold Pretzels

1 Frosty the Snowman animated figure

1 Charlie Brown & Snoopy animated figure

Total oop after coupons and ecb's = $1.23 with $45 ECB's for next time!

I was especially excited because I promised Joey that if he was good at CVS and helped watch his sister I would buy the Peanuts Christmas figure as a special early Christmas gift. As soon as we entered the store he grabbed it and held onto it. Ella saw Frosty and she grabbed that. She just assumed it was part of the deal and I didn't know how I was going to tell her "no." They were both so well-behaved that I didn't want to disappoint either of them. When I saw how low my totals rang up, I was able to get both of them for pennies. Both kids came home very excited!

By the way, I also "burned" about $25 ecb's the night before Christmas Eve buying bags of truffles, stocking stuffers and little boxes of candy to add on to the Christmas gifts we were already giving! After that I had $25 ecb's left to spend. Since then I've spent 97 cents and now have over $45 ecb's. Stay tuned to see how you can do this, too!

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