Saturday, January 17, 2009

January Food Budget = $250 update

How's it going? It's going... (updated in red)

Here's where my expenses went so far this month:

Walmart = $32.40

CVS = $8.60 (DH went and bought medicine with real money! Arrrggghhhh!)

CVS = $1.00

Walgreen's = $6.68

Walgreen's = $3.69

WalMart = $98(that is minus $10 for a new doorknob)

Freihofer's = $3

Price Chopper = $11.38

Super KMart = $46.12

Price Chopper = $14.45

Freihofer's = $3.57

Price Chopper = $20.54

Total Spent = 249.43

I personally know I can't not spend any money on food for the rest of the month but I will do my best to keep my total as close to $250 as possible.

On the bright side, I have inventoried my pantry and freezers and I have enough dinners for nearly the rest of the month. I am only short about 4 days worth of dinners and since my kids are so fussy and my husband and I really aren't, we probably will make do with leftovers for many of those days. I still have lunch food to purchase (like deli meat and mac & cheese and that kind of thing) and some snacks. I'm planning to use some ecb's for that as well my hub's crack (I mean pepsi). So I'm going to do my best to finish filling my cupboard by shopping at Walgreen's and CVS.

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