Sunday, February 22, 2009

Active Frugality-Practicing What I Preach

It's Sunday and it is snowing here in upstate New York. I decided since I had a very busy week ahead to do another round of cooking. I have really been cooking weekly and preparing for the week ahead instead of monthly. As it gets closer to spring & summer I am going to try to do monthly baking days for bread, etc, and work on those things I can only prepare weekly, in addition to gardening and canning. Today I made a dozen eggs and a package of turkey bacon. I whisked the eggs in a bowl, poured them into a muffin tin I sprayed with cooking spray, and then chopped a few slices of turkey bacon and put those inside the egg cups. After they cooked and cooled, I put them in baggies in the refrigerator to grab on my way to work throughout the week. Once I get to work I pop it in the microwave and eat it with my oatmeal & latte. I need to figure it out, but I am at breakfast for about a dollar a day right now!!! I also tossed the rest of the turkey bacon into a bag for grab and go during the week.
Yesterday my husband made me a pot of vegetarian chili with dried beans I had soaked and cooked last week on cooking day. Today I made corn muffins and also bagged them and put them in the fridge to go with my chili. They can go with dinner too, or breakfast. I try not to eat too many, they are about 170 calories each, but they are a nice treat with my healthy chili.
Aldi had bricks of cheese on sale last week for $1.29. Hubs and I stopped by and bought a few and I grated them and bagged them in 2 cup portions. I cannot believe that 1 standard size brick of cheese is 4 cups of grated cheese. That makes a serious case to me for buying bricks instead of shredded cheese from now on.
I cut up my heads of lettuce and put them in a produce saver container for quick salads with dinner this week.
Dinner for tonight has been cooking in the crock pot for these past two and half hours, and I am so glad because I am tired. I may put some whole wheat pasta on to boil for dinner one night this week as well. I have a few ideas of what we'll be having for dinner this week, so I am off to sit down (aah) and create a menu guide! My husband and I will be on completely different schedules this week so I might be better off cooking and refrigerating most meals for the week so we can both just heat, eat and go.
How did you do this week? Leave a comment-I am really interested in your ideas and tips!!!


  1. Good for you!! That should make your week so much easier!!!


  2. Boy, oh, boy, I wish we had an Aldi's here! I hear so many good savings stories about them.

    I can't get into the OAMC cooking thing, but once a week works nicely. Well, I rarely make entire meals, but I try to at least prep some stuff ahead of time, like cutting up vegetables or browning meat. It sure makes life easier to have things already done!

  3. i've got a dozen eggs in the fridge...i should try cooking them like that!