Saturday, February 7, 2009

Happy (Frugal) Valentine's Day

Having a Frugal Valentine's Day is not hard, but can take some preparation so we thought we should post this early. Since Valentine's Day falls on a Saturday this year many us will likely be busy with kid's activities or other obligations, so a little preparation during the coming week might keep you from falling asleep at 8PM with the kids.
Plan your family's favorite meals for the Big Day. Start Saturday Morning with breakfast. Maybe this week's pancakes can be heart shaped, or have some pink or red food coloring or other special touch. Make the batter Friday night so you can put in minimal effort Saturday morning.
If you will be home on Saturday plan some special family oriented activities- don't worry single people you can modify these ideas for two. Rent Charlie Brown's Valentine's Day from the Library on Monday, most people will wait until Friday, so you'll be first in line. then pop some corn, make some cocoa, etc. Coordinate a Family Fun Afternoon of games or crafts. Make sugar cookie dough during the week, refrigerate it, then on Saturday roll 'em, cut 'em out, and let everyone decorate them. Anything you can do ahead to make Saturday easier will make the day enjoyable for everyone. If you'll be out all day, put something in the crock pot, or make heart shaped mini pizza dough ahead of time, let everyone personalize their own. I think you get the point.
Here are some inexpensive ideas for anyone on your list:
The Little Things: open the car door, pull out chairs, etc., to make the day more special
Dance in the Living Room with the each other- before or after the kids go to bed- or dance with them.
Write Love Letters-this does not have to be for just your spouse, write one to your children, your parents, your siblings- everyone loves to be told why you love them-it will be cherished forever.
Make your own cards, use any craft supplies, crayons, whatever- hand deliver them if possible.
Martha has some great ideas.
Google major events that happened the year and/or day of your loved ones' birth, print on pretty paper, make it into a scroll.
Make your own crossword puzzle using words and phrases special to you and your family/relationship.
Burn a CD of favorite songs from their CD collection
Burn some of those ECB's and Register Rewards on cards, chocolates, anything that might be special.
Make heart shaped cupcakes without a special mold - stick a marble in between the cupcake paper and the cupcake tin to make a heart shape.
Set your alarm clock for every hour and kiss and hug every hour on the hour.
We hope we have given you some inspiration and encourage you to post your tips in the comments...Happy Valentine's Day!!

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