Saturday, February 7, 2009

Active Frugality

Skill #1 Once A Month Cooking (OAMC)

Frugal is a state of mind. I get a little rush when I get a great deal, or when I make something last a bit longer, stretch a bit farther. There is no more satisfying night of sleep then when I get creative and find new uses for old things. Does this sound like you? If not, then you need this post more than I need to write it.

Being frugal is a necessity for most of us, right? In these economic times we have to clip coupons, stretch the milk, keep down the electric bill, just to make ends meet. For me, it is more than that, I like it! It is a Game! I have been watching my savings accounts go up, little by little, and I want it to go up more.

I am going to share some more ways I play my “game” because I think these add to my bottom line over the long run, beyond the next deal, and the deal after that. I am calling it Active Frugality. The bottom line is that the couponing, online communities, free samples, giveaways, etc are all really great tools you can use to stretch your budget, but what will you do when the coupons are gone, or the deal is over, and your stockpile is running low?

Well, if you are actively frugal you have other tools that you can rely on. A few months back I wound up with frozen whole grain waffles for less than $1 per box, but I had about 4 coupons, so I could only get 4 boxes, with 8 in a box, they didn’t last long. So what do I do now? Once a Month Cooking (OAMC). It may be one of the best tools I have at my disposal. It is only limited by my imagination and ability to read. I used Google, and a few cookbooks, and made some whole grain waffles of my own, Ok, my husband made them for me.

We made about 20 waffles, and after they cooled I broke them up and put 2 triangles each in Ziploc bags, and put them in the freezer. During the week I grab some pre-cooked turkey bacon, and some syrup, and I have breakfast-cheap, inexpensive, healthy breakfast.

After that the light bulb turned on. I can make a lot of items from scratch, saving time and money in the process. Right now I am experimenting with making my favorite store bought instant latte mix, to save myself about $3 a week. Last year I realized I could buy a week’s worth of Latte for $3, instead of $3 per day at the Coffee House. Now, my “skills” have developed more and I am trying to get that down to pennies a day.

Homework: Think about some foods that your family eats a lot of and how you can use OAMC to benefit you.

Tools: Check out some of these Tools:
Jane4Girls - Potatoes
MoneySavingMom - Baking Day

Please leave comments and share your tips!!!!


  1. this is true for homemade cookies, breads, etc. Making it from scratch is better for you, and saves money, because you get more for your money and can freeze them for when you need them. Good tips, and yes, we all should be thinking more frugally, because it really doesn't hurt badly, does it???? LOL!!!


  2. I totally agree on the OAMC! We did our dinners by doubling 2 weeks worth. It was so worth it to just pull something out of the freezer add salad or veggie and supper is ready. I love it.