Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Got Jpegs?

Free Web Classes and a Giveaway!!
Seriously, are you or your photos lost in a digital daze?
Do you buy a new Memory Card when yours is full because you don't know what else to do?
Do you have photos lost in the "black hole" on your computer?
Do you feel overwhelmed by the number of photos and "guilty" because they are just sitting in boxes or on your computer?
Well, I have a solution for you - and you can check it out for FREE!
Creative Memories has been working very hard to help it's consultants (and yep I'm one of them and allowed to say it on my blog now - woohoo!!) help people get their photos off of the computer and back into their lives. We offer two great softwares - one for organizing and editing your photos and one for creating incredible digital photobooks.
Creative Memories is offering live and recorded webinar calls that you can take by watching and listening through your computer - basically, learn about it where and when it's convenient for you (in your pj's perhaps?). The fact that they are recorded is nice because if you decide the software is for you, you can go back and watch certain ones that you need more training with. And you can always find a live person to help you, too.
Now the FUN and extra FREE part. From now through March 10th, leave a comment on this post about why you're so psyched to get your photos off of the computer and back into your life. Let me know which class you've taken and what Storybook you've started....And you could win a $39.95 gift certificate toward a Storybook (prices start at $39.95). Also, extra entries for anyone who decides to purchases the Memory Manager software and/or Storybook Creator Plus software. (They can be purchased as digital downloads through my website below. If you're just so excited after watching the webinars, you can order them and have them instantly - and get FREE shipping!!) Just leave a seperate comment for each of the 3 items.
Where do you find these classes?
Go to my website www.mycmsite.com/heatherschiavo.
Click on Help Zone across the top menu.
Click on Digital. Then scroll down and choose whether you'd like to sign up for a live or pre-recorded webinar. Then feel your photo frustrations melt away. No really, this is better than Calgon!
And is this a shameless plug for my business? Not really. I 100 million % understand why so many people are frustrated with their current photo situation and I 100 million % support the mission of Creative Memories. I have been doing this job for almost 11 years and I truly love the idea of changing lives, one album at a time.

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  1. I haven't taken a class yet, but I would like to.