Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Is there a Coupon Hall of Fame?

Because I have some coupons that may belong see, my husband's grandmother (whom I love as much as my own grandparents) has a long history of.... collecting. She recently moved into a nursing home and my mother-in-law has been cleaning out boxes of items that have been collecting dust in the basement for 20-30+ years. A few months ago she came across an envelope marked "coupons with no expiration date." I thought you guys would like to see them just for fun!
I love the old-style labels on all of the products. They're so retro and remind me of when I was a kid!



  1. That is too cool! Now you've got a new collection of coupons to add to your inventory!

  2. Should I try using them? Do you think they would work?

  3. Those are so cool! They are probably worth something to a collector, you never know!

  4. OMG I cant believe she saved them, no yes I can!!! I am sure there are more down there.... and lots of canning jars for steph....

    Yes I think you should try to use them.... it would be cool to see if they worked!

  5. I totally will take those canning jars-!!!! Let me know! I can make an offer ???

  6. Dude, don't be stealin' my canning jars! I don't think I can use Marie's coupons. I feel like they are special and I need to keep them. Unless, of course, they could pay for my kids' college or something.
    -the other sister!