Sunday, April 26, 2009

The $300 Screen Door

The door above- that is barely visible-was in the Lowe's ad today on sale for $268 from $298. I really need a new storm door. Mine is aluminum, silver, the screen is ripped, and it does not latch closed correctly, so it bangs shut when we leave the 5 AM! Waking. Me. Up.

You all have read my Snowflaking posts and know we are on a mission to pay off credit card debt this year. I. WANT. THAT. DOOR! (insert feet stomping & fists pounding) We can afford that door. That is $300.00 less dollars to go toward our debt. We also have extra money sitting in our bank account waiting to make an extra payment to a credit card this month. I thought all day yesterday with the warm day of all the Home Improvement projects we could spend that $1,000.00 on. Surely we can afford a new screen door, right? We would still have $700 extra payment. That is still great!

No, that is not still great. We need to pay that extra $300.00 to the debt. I needed a reminder of that & received one. We went to Church and Dave Ramsey gave me the reminder I needed. Getting out of debt is more important to me than being woken up at 5AM, but I couldn't get my wants out of the way. Dave's words reminded me that I could have all the doors I want after we pay our debt, and I am passing the motivation on to you!

The silliest part of the whole situation is that there are other solutions to problem. This afternoon my husband took the old, banging, broken door & frame off. Then, I saw right there in the ad, next to my door, was another door, very similar, for $87.00. We can fit that into our budget without taking away from the snowball/snowflake goal.

I think that is the perfect solution for us, but I am not going to rush, it is working just fine without a storm door. Just because we are on a mission or a budget, does not mean our home needs to be in disrepair. Final thought: when you are able to move your "wants" out of the way your needs have a way of being taken care of.

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