Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Price Chopper NewsFlash!

Finally! A deal at Price Chopper Northeast worth getting REALLY excited about!
It's a Unilever Double Dip! If you saw the rebate form in this weekend's paper for the free ham or turkey from Unilever when you buy $40 worth of Unilever products, you probably got pretty excited!
Well, at Northeast Price Chopper when you buy $40 worth of Unilever products, you get a catalina for $20 off your next purchase! Potentially, even without coupons, you can get $80 worth of groceries for just $40. Add in some coupons and you can get lots more!
I'm even planning a trip to the PC that's 45 minutes away because it doubles coupons! I can't wait to take advantage of this trip.
Note: Unilever will reimburse you up to $20 for your ham or turkey so make sure you get one as close to $20 or possible!
I'm off to plan my trip! If you have a plan for this deal, with or without a PC in your area, please share your ideas here!


  1. oooh...I'll have to figure this one out!

  2. I've got a plan. I've got 2 transactions at just over $40 worth of Unilever products. I have enough coupons to bring those totals down to around $20 - just a little over. Now I'm debating what to do with the $40 in free money. Should I use it to stock my freezer with meat? I'm going to do a 3rd transaction to use those coupons and maybe sort sort some q's that will be good doublers to use in that 3rd transaction as well. Luckily my husband brought home 2 copies of all of this week's q's and he's going with me tomorrow to do transaction #2.

  3. Thank you so much for sharing this!
    I don't 'do' PC much because I find they are higher than the other grocery stores here(except Wegman's). But for $20 of FREE food, I'm all over this!LOLOL
    Off to grab the ad and figure which coupons to use to bring the $40 down.
    Thanks again!!!

  4. slugmama you're welcome. I have posted my shopping trip part 1 and will hopefully have part 2 tomorrow after i go spend my $40 in free coupons! And get my ham/turkey that I can get reimbursed for!