Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April Snowflake Update

Last month I talked about Snowflaking here. I decided that my goal for Snowflakes toward debt payments is $200.00 per month. If you are new to this term I will basically be finding an extra $200.00 per month to pay off a debt or to add to my emergency fund when the debt is gone. This is the first time I am publishing an actual $$ amount on this blog, but I decided I would do my best to be open and honest and be the good role model I am trying to be.

In March I paid the $200.00 goal easily through a bonus I had received from work, and was working though the month to get the snowflakes built to $200.00 for the April payment. I managed to bring in about $50.00 through rebates, etc. Unfortunatly I went out to lunch way too much, but I was prepared for snacks, breakfast, & dinner. I also opted to pay my property taxes out of my regular account, and not my savings, which melted another snowflake from my total. So here we are, on April 1st, and I have not met my goal. Then we were blessed to receive a check for $200.00 today for a reimbursement we were not really expecting. So, I will be counting that for the March goal, and will start today accumulating the April goal.

On another note, I have chosen to use the word blessed because that is what I am. I do not usually refer to faith or religion on Shop Without Money, but now seems like the best time. I just do not find it to be coincidence that my Church, the amazing Northway Church, will be starting a series that includes Dave Ramsey's Financial Principles, the guy I learned about snowflaking from, and that we received this unplanned $200.00 today, on my birthday, and in time to make my payment.

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