Monday, April 20, 2009

May Snowflakes

I was thinking about my snowflakes for my May payment this evening and I wanted to give you a heads up. In case you did not already realize it, some of you get an extra paycheck this month! If you can manage it, seriously consider putting all of that toward your snowflake for May. My husband and I sat down and came up with our plan for this month, and think that between the extra paycheck we are both getting, and an unexpected $800 refund for overpaying our taxes, we will be able to finish up Debt 1 that we have been paying-it has $85 left!- and pay all of Debt 2 with a little to spare! This is the amazing way that GOD and the universe work in my opinion. I set this extreme goal, and made many sacrifices, and I have worked hard at it and so has Mr. Shop Without Money. I posted about this here on the blog even though I was scared of admitting our debt, especially when we have a very public life, and because of this trust and hard work, I have met my goal 2 months in a row- and now am surpassing it beyond my dreams!

I have experienced many moments of despair, and had a poor attitude at times. I have felt like I was sacrificing beyond comfort, and felt like giving up. I didn't though. I stayed strong and my husband helped me, and I am so thankful and blessed. You will be too. If you are just starting out, and are overwhelmed, just keep going along, step by step. You will make it!!!

If you need encouragement, read blogs, or email me or leave a comment. There is nothing like a blogger or blog readers to help lift you up!! You CAN get out of Debt! You CAN create an emergency fund!

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