Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Using Less

I was just in my basement doing some laundry. I opened up the detergent and started pouring it into the cap up to the little line, when a little light bulb appeared over my head (I only saw it because it is dark down there.) What was I doing? I was washing my sheets and a few other items that were not really dirty, as in soiled or stained, but needed washing. It definitely did not require an entire cap full of detergent. So, I poured it back in the bottle. And I used half as much.
Then the dusty cogs in my brain started turning, and I realized that while in the past I have been conscious of how much I use, I have not been good lately. The other day I actually followed the directions on the shampoo bottle- lather, rinse, repeat. Repeat? Is my hair that dirty? I can also assure you that it was no dime size drop of shampoo either. It has occurred to me that I am taking things for granted. The laundry detergent, the shampoo, the toothpaste, and the dish soap. I have a huge stockpile of these things. I have not been careful about using them since I know I have that safety net. We cannot be vigilant about everything at every time, but I would encourage you to think about using less. Do your clothes need a cap full of detergent? Probably not. My work clothes definitely don't, but my gym clothes might be another story. What else can we use less of? Electricity? Cheese on our homemade pizza? Dressing on our salad? Creamer in the coffee? Bubble Bath? Shorter Showers?

I would encourage you to pay attention to how much you use as you go about your business this week, and if you think it is too much, start scaling back until you can't anymore, or until it becomes uncomfortable, and add a little back in.

Maybe you will find that you can stop using paper towels all together and switch to rags? Or a few extra minutes in your day from a shorter shower? A few extra dollars in your bank account from buying less shampoo?

Leave us a comment and tell us what you are going to use less of!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Because I'm learning to be frugal as well has going thru financial difficulty, I have pretty much adopted all the the things you mentioned. And I know it'll be something I'll do even after it's gets better.

  2. I rarely use the full amount of laundry detergent or dish washing liquid. I also rarely use paper towels. My one area of weekness is paper plates though!

  3. Using too much dish detergent is one of my weaknesses!!!! Paper Plates are not bad- Last year I bought 13 packs for 50 cents a pack with coupons and I still have 8 left-that includes bringing them to work and sharing them. I agree Anonymous-using less is something that lost my attention and that needs to change!!!!