Wednesday, March 18, 2009

#1 Trick to Saving Money on Diapers

.....Potty-train your child!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! This is not an early April's Fool's Joke but just an attempt to share my joy with all of you about how excited I am that Ella is out of diapers (even at night). She got it down about 6 months earlier than Joey did and I couldn't be happier. And I will say, you do feel your monthly spending lighten up a bit, your tote bag lightens up a great well as your worries about, "How will I change a stinky diaper HERE?" We've all been to those places - like the surprise Friendly's or McDonalds that hasn't been redone in about 30 years and never had a changing table put in - still that old pedestal sink staring back at you as you wonder how you can balance your kid, diaper, wipes, etc on that little thing....and what if someone needs to wash their hands?
Hey, after the couple of weeks I've had, I deserve to yank your chain in just one post, don't I? Get it..."yank your chain"....flush the toilet???? HAHAHAHA, well I feel better now, too. And to all those still trying to figure out diaper deals each week, don't worry, we'll still be posting these too. My sister can't understand that she should be stockpiling diapers now, so I guess I'm going to have to start doing it for her!!
Update as of 3am: Okay, the joke's on me! I was changing a bed (MY BED) at 3 0'clock this morning with a huge wet spot on it! I guess we'll go back to pull-ups at night for a little while. But, I swear, she's been doing SO WELL!


  1. Unfortunately all 3 of my kids have had night-time problems well into 2nd grade. One more year left and then that will be $14 more a month in my pocket.

  2. It's such a bummer! I thought we were done but I guess we may have to go back to pull-ups for nighttime. It just seems that when she has a pull-up on, she has no desire to use the bathroom at all!