Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I Love Consignment Sales!

Twice a year, we have a local consignment sale that is huge (480 consignors and over 48,000 items for babies and children)! It is called the Pass It On sale ( for the locals) and you can consign or shop. (Those skecher crocs above were just $2). I like to do both. Being a consignor forces me to get rid of things I'd like to hold onto forever (those really adorable baby clothes or toys that hold fond memories!). I am very sentimental and like to hold onto things! Plus, I'm thrifty so I always feel like I should save things in case I need them again...however, the Pass It On sale has inspired me to sell our stuff, because there is so much STUFF there that I now know where I can buy things CHEAP, should the need arise for toys again at some point. Anyway, last night the sale opened for consignors to start shopping. My husband and I arrived with a list and had a great time shopping. We spent about 2 hours there and got some awesome bargains.
Here are a few of our great bargains!
5 pairs of Spring/Summer pj's for Joey (6) = $12 (mostly Disney cars, one Mickey Mouse from the Disney store and Nascar)
4 pairs of Spring/Summer pj's for Ella (3) = $13 (a Princess nightgown, a Barbie nightgown, Carters pajamas
1 pair of Skecher sneakers for Joey - $4
Look like new and have lots of tread left!

2 pair of children's place maryjane croc-type shoes for Ella = $4 (a pink pair and a white pair - she likes the pink so much she wore them to bed last night!).

Cherokee shorts for Joey - never been worn - $3

Disney Belle dress w/ shoes, bracelets and wig for Ella = $10. Will be perfect for Disney World and Halloween!

Plus a few games, books and other clothing items, including Mousetrap for $3 and Scrabble Junior for $2!

All in all we spent $124 on 32 items (not bad!). Now, if we can only make as much money as we spent, we'll be even and have most of our kids spring/summer wardrobes already purchased!
Haven't tried consignment sale shopping yet? Do a search for consignment sale + your city and state to see what's coming up in your area!
Tips for shopping Consignment Sales -
1. It's much easier to shop these sales without your kids. First, they like to touch everything in the toy section, and 2. They get bored easily if you're trying to look for clothes.
2. To shop for clothes for your child without bringing your child, bring an item that fits them well in length and width. For example, if you're looking for a pair of size 6 pants, bring a pair of pants that fits your child well so you can check to make sure they are we all know, all size 3T's do not hold the same measurements across the board with children's clothing manufacturers.
3. Inspect clothes carefully. Clothes are usually inspected at drop-off at these events but sometimes due to poor lighting or maybe tired eyes from volunteers and/or consignors, clothes may have light stains, missing buttons, etc., that you won't notice until you get home.
4. Bring a list of what you need. This year I knew I was looking for shorts for my son, dresses for my daughter, summer sandals for both and sneakers for my son. Without a list you can easily get distracted by all the good bargains and up spending a lot more money than you planned - thereby making your trip less than a bargain! Of course, leave a little wiggle room in your budget for finding a few unexpected bargains - like finding the game Mousetrap that your son's been longing for at the grand total price of $3! These treasures make it a lot more fun!
5. Bring your own bag (recyclable shopping bags work great), box, laundry basket or tub to carry your items. Some people bring empty strollers or small wagons.
6. If you see something you like, grab it! It likely won't be there when you go back for it. Just keep piling everything you like in your bag and before you check out, go through the file and weed out things you may have been having 2nd thoughts about. Be courteous and put them back in the size you originally found them in.
7. Check sizes carefully! Sometimes items are misplaced into the wrong size areas so you may take home a 5T that you really thought was a 4T.
8. Have fun!!
Update: My husband went back to the consignment sale on 1/2 price day and spent another $19. Our total spent was $139 and our total made from consigning was $135 so we basically got all of our stuff (including most of our kids' summer wardrobes for $4! Good Deal!)

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  1. Glad you guys did well. A & A have had those TCP crocs for the past couple of summers and they are AWESOME shoes. Though they wore them so much that I can't even pass big A's down to little A, never mind try to sell them.

  2. i love your closet!!! it looks awesome! and I agree being organized does save time, money and frustration. its some work to get it there but so worth it. looks great!

  3. Thanks Susanne! I'm telling you, the most exciting part is having a home for the vaccuum cleaner!
    Marianne, did you get to go yet? Did you get any good bargains? We've sold about 1/2 of our stuff already. I'm excited about that!

  4. Well, I did some consignment sale shopping today as a matter of fact! But I went with my children after having no luck finding someone to watch them for me. Sigh. It was *horrible*! I definitely won't do that again! They were tired, bored, and then we all got cranky. A lesson learned. I really like the tip about taking something that fits them well for comparison--great idea!

  5. Great books you got. We love If you give a Pig a pancake!

    I got some great deals at a thrift store this week too!

  6. I love consignment sales too! We have a big one called Just Between Friends (I think they are all over, check out their website sometime.) Thanks for posting. I linked my Frugal Friday post to yours. Check it out sometime.