Friday, March 6, 2009

Free Visitor Pass to DirectBuy

Get a Free Visitor Pass and Insider's Guide! I really like this place. Back when I was pregnant for Joey, a friend of mine had a membership and offered to take me there to look for baby furniture and use her discount. I went to our local Babyland and found a great set. I got to touch it, feel it and shake it to see how sturdy it was. I wanted it to last for many babies (I was in Fantasyland). I went back to DirectBuy to compare pricing. I was able to get a set that sold retail for $1300 for only $700! And it has held up magnificently! That is a significant savings if you are looking for high end furniture or home improvement items (like laminate flooring, fixtures, etc.). Definitely worth taking a look at if you have some big purchases coming up!

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