Sunday, March 1, 2009

No Sunday Cooking

Sorry, I will not be doing my weekly preparation cooking today to post for you. I have a busy day today and won't be cooking. Yesterday my husband and I went through the freezers and cabinets and made a meal plan. We went shopping for produce, dairy, and more great Aldi's cheese that was still $1.29 a brick. We did spend about $45.00 on groceries this week.

Anyway, I want to give you something to keep you motivated to be frugal. Sometimes it can feel overwhelming and when that happens I open the laptop, and start reading blogs. It helps me remember why I spend time practicing frugality, shopping with coupons, streatching the budget. Today I am going ot refer you to Get Your Finances in Line in 2009 over at Money Saving Mom. Since today is March 1st MSM will be posting an update soon on her 2009 Financial Goals and Hundreds of other bloggers will be linking up. The link I gave you above is fro the initial post, and you will be able to follow along from there. I could spend hours reading through themall, and sometimes I do. I have found many great posts of inspiration from them. I personally have not followed along with my own goals becaus eI am trying to maintain a level of privacy. I am trying to figure out how to post about my own goals and debt payoff without getting too personal. Please check these out and get inspired!

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