Sunday, March 22, 2009

Green Living & Frugality

In the April 14th issue of Woman's Day there is a small article on the Eco-Friendly page about re-using household items instead of trashing them. One of my favorite things about frugality is that it more often than not overlaps with green living. I make it a point to recycle all of the newspapers, magazines, cereal boxes, jars, bottles, & plastic containers that I buy. I also keep a reusable bag in my "purse" so as not to use plastic bags. My favorite tip from the article is tip 3. Re purpose cereal box liners as wax paper for wrapping sandwiches. Read the entire article here.
With Earth Day coming up on April 22nd, let's take it one step further. Check out the Happy Housewife's post here on making a DIY Compost Bin. I bought my seeds today for my garden and cut my vegetables for the week tonight. As I threw out the scraps of the vegetables I was wishing I made that compost bin.

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