Friday, March 13, 2009

Friday Freebies and Deals from Blog World

Free Healthy Samples:

Diet Bug



Okay, this one's not for a healthier you, but it's definitely for a happier you ;)!

Warm Delights

Good Deals:
I love these little trial offers because you can store some great freebies for your gift/goodie closet for cheap - you give a friend a birthday gift that's valued over $20 but you only spent $1 - $3 on it. You can't beat that. They get a nice gift and you save money. I also love using these to beef up family's Christmas gifts. This year, everyone received gevalia coffee as part of their gift bag. If you decide to do an offer that offers you a free trial membership as part of the deal, join up, mark it on your calendar and call the 1-800 # to cancel within the trial membership. These companies are used to it and most won't hassle you and some are even automated cancellation lines!

These should keep your mailbox filled for a little while. I just received my Eat Better America coupon book last week and it has some great coupons including $1.00 of Multigrain Cheerios. I'm going to pair it up with the Cheerios ecb rewards at CVS this week!

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  1. speaking of free stuff.... I received my Suave coupon today! It expires at the end of the month so I will be using it on my next trip. I also have been getting my free mags and so far-- NO bills for any of them. even though they are free I choose only the ones I will read... no sense in polluting the Earth. Thanks for the tips!