Thursday, March 19, 2009

Make Money with Snap Dollars

This one looks interesting. It offers surveys, games for cash and my personal favorite, online offers! Steph and I both ventured into the world of online offers this past Fall. We learned about them from the master, Carrie at Moneysaving Methods. Online offers are those emails you receive that say things like, "Someone just sent you a $500 Wal-Mart gift card." Then you scroll through and answer a bunch of survey questions only to discover at the end that you have to sign up for some trial offers or a join a book or cd club. Well, we always thought these were a hoax and you had to spend more money than you would receive. We started reading Carrie's blog posts (listed in our sidebar as one of our favorites) about these offers and decided to give it a try. We followed all the rules and instructions and were able to both obtain $500 in Mobile gas cards for spending about $75 each. Plus, the $75 we spent got us some great dvd's, books and other items that we used to stock our goodie closets and complete some of our holiday shopping. Now...yes, there's that catch - you've got to spend money to make money, and you have to do a little work in researching each offer's terms, etc., and you do have to call and cancel any TRIAL offers within the allotted time period....but if I walked up to you on the street tomorrow and said, "Would you like $500 in exchange for $75?" I bet you'd quickly pull out $75 and hand it over! That's a great investment. The online offer we did was quite a big one for a first-timer (but with Carrie's excellent experience and instruction we got through it, survived it and made money). Now we'd like to start sharing this info with you. And please feel free to check out Carrie's info on her blog as well, as we'll probably be referencing her often.
So what I can see from Snap Dollars, it looks a lot like paidinboxdollars but with more opportunities to earning $$ for yourself. If you are interested in following this series, my first advice is sign up with Snap Dollars today. Set up your account, preferably one with an email to your deals account (if you don't yet have one, just set up an alternative email address so you won't get a lot of Spam to your personal email address - you could use yourname'
Then beginning in the next couple of days, you can begin completing deals along with us, to add money to your snapdollars account. We'll go into detail about how to do this and earn money. For now, sign up, activate your account (you'll earn $5 for doing that) and start reading around the offers a little bit. We'll be breaking it down and simplifying the "Methods" for you in the next few days, as I'm eager to earn a little extra WDW cash and I know some friends who are, too! So hit the banner above, sign up and then leave a comment letting us know you're getting in on the action!

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