Monday, March 23, 2009

Snap Dollars Part 2

If you're joining me on my Snap Dollars adventure to make money, you should have already earned your $5 bonus for completing your profile and you should have started receiving paid emails from Snapdollars. I started receiving mine after about 48 hours. They will send you several a day in the beginning and after the first month, you will start receiving less. Be sure not to ignore them or they will inactivate your account!

Now, to get ready to do some of the cash offers...get a calendar ready. Either print one from the computer or grab one of those freebie calendars you have hanging around and use it as your deals calendar. Read the terms of the offers carefully. The 2 easiest ones I have read are on the 1st page of free trial offers. The photo cubbies and the free credit reports look easy to complete. These are the 2 I'm going to start with. After reading the terms and signing up, mark on your calendar when your free trial is up along with the cancellation phone number. Sometimes the cancellations are automated and sometimes you have to talk to a real person. That's okay, even if they try to convince you to keep your membership, just politely decline and thank them for the free trial.

If you'd like to join the adventure, you can read more in my original post here.

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