Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Being Organized = Saving Money

From time to time we will be linking up with other "blog parties" on getting organized because...Being Organized Saves $$$$$!! Yes, there is couponing and finding the best deals but there are many ways that being more organized can lead to saving $$.

Can you relate to any of these?

*Have you ever paid a late fee on a bill, not because you didn't have the $$, but because you stuck the bill in a drawer, pile on the kitchen counter, etc and forgot about it?

*Have you ever gone out to dinner because you have no idea what to make for dinner and everything is frozen?

*Have you ever spent money on a grocery item when you knew you had a $1 off coupon "somewhere?"

*Have you ever bought something you already had in the fridge/pantry/freezer because you couldn't remember if you had it or not?

*Have you ever busted your budget buying a birthday gift for a child or adult's party at the last minute?

If so, you'll enjoy the series Being Organized = Saving $$! Look for my most recent post here on how I cleaned out my hall closet and how it will save me money!

Also, what in your life do you struggle to get organized with (in any way, shape or form) and especially which ones cause you to lose money? We'd like to know how being disorganized busts your budget so we know what type of posts you'd like to read on this topic. The more research we have to do, the more on the ball we'll get with our own organizing so our challenge is really to help ourselves through helping our readers! And if you know someone who lives a super fabulous organized life, feel free to drop us a line. Maybe they'd like to guest post on this topic!

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