Monday, March 23, 2009

Box Tops for Education

If you have never heard of Box Tops for Education, you should really check it out. You can click on the link below to see if your school participates and how much money they have made this year. I love Box Tops for Education because it's a simple way for me to raise money for my son's school just by buying products that we use. General Mills prints Box Tops on their products and you can clip them out and send them to school and the school can redeem them for money for computers, playground eqipment, etc. The funny thing is, my box tops never used to amount to much because I bought a lot of generic product because it was much cheaper. Once I started seriously couponing, it turns out a lot of the great combined sales with coupons are on General Mills products. I score Box Top on Cheerios, pillsbury, ziploc bags, pull-ups, Betty Crocker cake mix and frosting, and all those great Betty Crocker potatoes I have picked up at Wal-mart for 30 cents! My son's school has a contest each February and this February I sent him in with over 100 Box Tops. My sister started collecting them for him as well and she sent in another 40.
If you sign up at the Box Tops Community, you will periodically get Bonus Box Tops emails where you can sign in and claim free Box Tops for your school. And to help you get started collecting more box tops, I'm including links for some great opportunities to receive coupons for General Mills products which will make your quest for Box Tops even sweeter!

Betty Crocker



  1. We collect BTFE for our kiddos' school too. Seems like you can find them on so many products. Especially the ones that seem to have great sales at our local grocery stores. Gotta love couponing, especially when it helps us give back to our kids! Glad you posted about this :-)

  2. It's such a great program, isn't it? It is amazing how you can get box tops on so many items we find for practically FREE! I never knew they were on Cottonelle, kotex and huggies before my extreme couponing!Thanks for checkin' in!