Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Thrifty thought from a Sick Chic

Sorry I've been so LAME this week. I've been sick with a cold/sinus thing. I promise to be a CVS Superstar and MORE next week!
Here's a thrifty thought for today...Went grocery shopping yesterday and found a GREAT deal at Price Chopper (Saratoga Springs). They had boneless ham steaks in bulk packages for....79 cents a pound!! So of course I had to buy 4 packs (they were all 3 & 4 pound packs)...we love scalloped potatoes & ham and I'm going to steal Steph's idea of the breakfast egg cups but mix in some ham to add flavor for us. Anyhoo....I also did a thrifty thing with 2 whole chickens (more on that later) I had all this meat to divide up and all of my freezer bags were the gallon size. What I really needed were the quart size. I did have a bunch of quart size storage ziplocs but not freezer bags. So I packed up my divided meat into quart storage bags (I bought some hefty one-zips at the dollar store) and then put 3-4 of those bags into the large gallon freezer bags. Now I can re-use my large bags (since meat is not touching them) and only toss my smaller, cheaper bags! Any thrifty thoughts to share? We love 'em!

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