Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Seed Shopping

I posted back in February about Gardening. Sunday I went shopping and bought my seeds. I am so excited to get them started!!! We are planning to double the size this year and not only are we planting more of what we had last year, I bought some new seeds. I am trying my hand at asparagus, watermelon, and grapes. I will be starting them soon. We have a utility table in front of our living room window that gets a lot of sun. I am going to put some garbage bags under it, since I bought a white carpet last year (?) I have been saving egg cartons from my Sunday cooking and my husband was given some free ones that hold 30 eggs from a local diner.

I am signed up for the Better Homes & Gardens e-newsletter and they sent me a great email with garden planners. Check it out here. Now get moving!!! Planting a garden is more frugal and money saving than any coupon shopping you could ever do!

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