Sunday, March 22, 2009

Home Depot Do-It-Herself Workshops

Home Depot

These look fun! Empower yourself while learning to save money doing home-improvement/repair projects by yourself...When we moved into our first home, my husband worked full-time and I worked part-time. We decided that we hated the carpets in the house and tore all of them up at once (one at a time would have been smarter) and started laying laminate tile flooring. The trick with this kind of floor is that the large squares must be centered all around the room and stuck down while the tiles going around the perimeter of the rooms, must all be cut to size before being locked in to the other pieces. Cutting these pieces required using a jigsaw (something I'd never even heard of before). At first my husband's 80-year-old grandfather was cutting our pieces but it really did start to prove to be too much work for him. My husband was working a lot and one evening, frustrated with the fact that there was nothing but sub-floors around the perimeter of each room, I started measuring tiles, making a list, and I finally braved the jigsaw on my own. I was scared at first - afraid I was definitely going to tear into my thigh with it (I was using a makeshift workbench made out of a small stepstool - that's what the men had been using) or chop off a finger. Anyway...I drew my border lines on, made sure I was cutting off the right side of the tile and went to town. It was a lot of work but I'm proud to say I finished most of the 4 rooms on my own. I got a little help from my husband after I taught him how to do it. I was self-taught but I think I could have had a lot less trial and error had a class of some sort been available to me. Take the class - you will feel amazing teaching your husband or Significant Other how to cut tiles or joining right in with him while he works!

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